Bingqing Liao



Architecture & Urban Conditions




How can the urban market place be re-imagined as central to Sydney's civic life? 

Today’s public market is a place to shopping food, to sit and eat a meal, or to have a unique educational or culinary experience. Can it contain all of these things? Is it a place that can foster connections not only at the point of purchase, but also foster social connections as well as connections within the food system between producer and consumers?

Markets spark urban revitalization, foster community diversity and improve public health. Civic spaces are an extension of the community. When they work well, they serve as a stage for our public lives. If they function in their true civic role, they can be the settings where celebrations are held, where social and economic exchanges take place and where cultures mix.

The project proposes a civic network by creating a water park, a market place and a sports centre, to provide places for people’s civic life in the extraordinary harbour foreshore precinct, Get the city and neighbourhoods have thriving civic spaces, residents have a strong sense of community.

The overall master plan for the project is to activate the harbour foreshore, the Wentworth Park and make connection between fleet, public domain and light rail arrival. By following this idea, the building proposed as a “Y” shape and divergent for two flow line from LRT station on the centre of Wentworth Park to the harbour. At the same time, all of the places has been created between the two building flow line became civic place, to provide civic activities such as urban farming park, kid playing garden outdoor café and different kind of swimming and diving pools.

The strategy for the facade comprises a double skin and multi skins, where in the inner wall is formed by a sealed enclosure using a curtain wall system, whereas the outer wall is made se of low-e glass. The centre wall is provides perforated aluminum sunscreen shutters to resist solar radiation.