Busheng Wang



Architecture & Urban Conditions




Under great pressure of providing enough protein/meat in the world today the livestock farming-fishery production system becomes less and less capable of meeting the vast need without doing harm to the fragile farmlands. When turning the vision from the earth to the ocean, it has been argued that fish farming may be the only and most efficient solution to adequate meat/protein food for our everyday consumption. As a hypothetical answer to the crisis, the project re-imagines an innovative food production system using the strategy of urban aquaculture, with an aim of promoting fish food farming and dining.  

The master plan is inspired by the continuous character of the urban grey water distribution system which performs as a fertilizer of the aquaculture system. A series of expanding pathways forms corridors, walls, further the open spaces in between and the canopy market zone, along with the voids and semi-enclosed fish farms dominates the style of the scheme. The Aqua Farm, as the proposed fish farm system that actually grows out of the traditional cofferdam aquaculture system, spreads on the nearshore zone of the bay water and acts as a very important extension of the fish market on the site to form the attraction of the outdoor landscape. They can be regarded to be a pile of cofferdams, which appears to be the pathways above water, incompletely separating the bay water and the mud flats to make them possible for different kinds of fish food farming. 

Seeking the spatial possibilities in the composition of these walls/pathways, the new food market attempts to provide diversified dining and shopping experience in the framework of the given theme. On the one hand, the buildings connects the foreshore and the inner site as part of the pathway/wall structure, whilst the layout of the functions also follows the unique and linear pattern to enhance the sense of continuous movement of the space.