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Sustainable Hyperdensity Transit Hub

While Sydney is regularity ranked highly in terms of its environmental attributes, cultural diversity and liveability, compared to other global cities it performs less well in terms of accessibility and transport infrastructure. Yet, one of the main benefits of hyperdensity is when it is aligned with public transportation, limiting our car dependency, promoting walkability and reducing a city’s carbon footprint.

With this in mind, this project aims to create a sustainable hyperdense transit hub for Pyrmont. The design consists of a new inhabited pier acting as a water taxi stop and cultural avenue linked to the Sydney Fish Market light rail station. This integration of transit is envisioned to spark a cluster of new high-rise buildings in the area, all benefitting from direct access to public transportation. Influenced by Philip Vivian’s design for clusters of supertall buildings around transit stops throughout Sydney, this integration of transit and skyscraper clusters is masterplanned across Pyrmont, providing a new urban vision of transit-orientated density for the region.

The building itself is designed to reimagine the existing Fish Market light rail station as a new destination in the city – a grand transit interchange that provides direct links to the waterfront, and the city. Above this sits a mixed-use high-rise building, accommodating offices, public facilities at height, and residential apartments. The building celebrates travel by expressing its vertical transportation, with glass elevators, escalators and stairs highlighting movement within a transparent façade. Skybridges at height provide additional connectivity, linking adjacent towers and allow for greater access and interaction between residents and office workers alike, which has a great potential to transform the fish market light rail station into a hyperdense transport hub.