Daniel Bogaz



Architecture & Social Agency




This projects aims to provide resilience for the surrounding community by installing a centre for urban agriculture and a cycling mechanic workshop.

The urban agriculture facility will aim to instill resilience by producing food, investigating food production for urban settings and providing opportunities for local residents to purchase and contribute to locally grown food. Facilities will include practical areas, roof top terraces and education rooms. Many of these rooms and areas could also be used by other groups in the community such as AA or yoga or mothers groups etc.

The cycling mechanical workshop aims to provide a community hub around what will become an essential transport mode by providing a retail source of bikes and servicing of bikes. It also aims to provide engagement with the community by providing a physical space for bike corral’s for the community and education facilities for a Cycling mechanical curriculum. The locaiton of the cyclery is at the western most point of the site as this is visible from a major cycling thoroughfare on bayswater rd.

The primary objective of these programs is to provide a platform for the parish of St Canice to interact with its surrounding community to establish and foster networks. By providing education and training to individuals, self-sufficiency can be achieved. It is with these networks and with this education where resilience can be established for the individual and by extension for the community.