Fuat Sezgin



Architecture & High Performance Technology





‘Sports on the ground, sports in the sky, sports inside and sports in the façade, sports everywhere!’

This was the inspiring statement from semester one. It primarily focused on the program and the interaction of volumes. The main goal was to encourage sport and fitness related activities for the day to day lives of the occupants of the site and building(s) and how the occupants can become the spectators while working in their offices, traveling to and from the lobby and whilst using the stairs.

I took the idea of ‘spectator’ and applied it to the architecture. The architecture can be described as ‘high tech’ in which the structure is put on display so it can be enjoyed and appreciated. All the mechanical services are exposed and work with the structure in terms of hierarchy and order. Visual connections, layering and materiality was used to connect the building to its context.

The building heights are established using surrounding context. The height of the tallest tower towards the north uses the top of the Anzac bridge as a datum. Then the height plane diminishes to Wentworth Park towards the south. The site strengthens existing east-west road and view corridors by extending them out to the bay to form public wharves.