Jerome Saad



Architecture & Social Agency




'A Parish Without Borders  '

City Sanctuary

The church has always had a strong association with social justice movements including the ancient notion of sanctuary, offering protection to the vulnerable and immunity to those fleeing persecution. Rather than take the path of resistance, St Canice has always taken an active thoughtful approach encouraging a greater sense of community and cohesion among all the inhabitants, participants, and visitors.

Informed by the city’s participation in 100 Resilient Cities and Sydney’s 2030 vision, this project aims to explore the contemporary ailments affecting Sydney and its inhabitants and assess what resources St Canice can contribute to the resilience of the local area, and to ensure its continued relevance and engagement with its immediate and extended community .
By providing non market and transitional housing; maintaining their relationship with the Jesuit refugee service; expanding the well-established soup kitchen to operate as a bar/café; providing a new childcare service; and providing a new hall, St Canice can help encourage the activity of the surrounding laity in both spiritual and secular programs, and continue to provide sanctuary to those seeking to avoid hunger, unemployment, and dislocation on a local and international scale.