Judy Mau Yan Kwok



Architecture & Urban Conditions




Sharing the common vision with the Bay Precinct Transformation Plan, this project aims to create an innovation campus that gathers public and knowledge-intensive industries. The Bays Precinct will become a campus for creativity and innovation in research, education and tourism. The innovation campus + market seeks to explore the potential of architecture to be a catalyst for a culture of food innovation that facilitates food resilience and nutrition security, through a focus on strategies of spatial encounter and interaction.
In order to promote spatial encounter and interaction, this proposal enhances the connectivity in the area by extending Wentworth Park to the foreshore of Blackwattle Bay to reconnect Pyrmont area and Glebe area. The area interweaved an open and intersected journey through water-active zones, markets, innovative campus and communal spaces. To further promote the connectivity on site, this project proposes a comprehensive transport system with a ferry terminal, bus stops and a light rail station. Thus, the connectivity enhancement in horizontal plane is achieved by the masterplan.

On the other hand, the connectivity in vertical plane is achieved by the building which serves as an innovative platform to promote the exchange of knowledge and change of encounters between the food researchers and public. The design suggests two researcher-based area (digital farming lab and farming technologies lab) and a collaborative area in-between, which is spatially and structurally designed to allow maximum visual connections. The interaction becomes more visible by protruding all meeting spaces in the research area from the building. In addition, the proposal offers a public kitchen, innovative nutrition centre and digital farming experience zone, etc. All of these introduce a new definition of research building by creating a campus for everyone from different disciplines to participate in food innovation, where allows greater potential for knowledge and experience to be shared and the opportunity for innovation to occur.