Kylie Pan



Architecture & Social Agency




With accelerated pace of globalisation and urbanisation, Sydney embraces its potential to be an emergent world city. While Kings Cross, being at the heart of a vibrant, diverse urban precinct in the Sydney City, especially known for its nightlife features, has attracted people outside its local community over the years. Somehow the local community of Kings Cross itself has been broken down into polarised social groups that is pushing the locality away from idealistic future of Sydney, which will be a place of celebration for all.

The proposed project focuses on strengthening the symbiotic relationship between self and community, directing it to mutualism rather than commensalism or parasitism, transform the site into a self-perpetuating social and learning hub that evolves around the church as the heart of the community, enhance its strong and solid presence, along with supporting programmes that creates a unique learning experience, improve individuals’ mental wellness and equip them with practical skills simultaneously.

Different programmes have been placed on site according to footprint, desire lines and church axis, which come together as a whole to enhance individuals’ resilience and hence make impact on the community, enabling mutual benefit for both parties.