Paul Jewiss



Architecture & Housing





Density and Diversity are arguably two of the most critical components in determining our housing stock. As we grapple with urban sprawl and a housing shortage how can we re-interpret housing to offer a more diverse solution to our housing needs. 

‘Divercity’ challenges the traditional notion of housing and offers a micro housing solution on a macro scale. ‘Divercity’ aims to create dwellings that are both inward and outward focused, to have housing that can adapt to the dynamic households of today and tomorrow. A housing solution that talks to the whole population and not just a percentage of it. 

Through the exploration of user engagement of the site and architecture we can see that it is possible to create typologies that provide perceived personal security whilst also creating opportunities for social contentedness through the overlap of public and private space and through the program of the transition space that is created. The sustainability of our housing, cities and world depend ultimately on the input and output of our lives and the housing solution we choose to pursue. 

The housing typologies created through ‘Divercity’ offer a series of spaces arranged around a central ‘smart wall’. These walls are designed to interact with the spaces to provide program and purpose to the space through user engagement. The use of levels and hierarchy of spaces formally distinguishes public and private realms whilst using transition spaces to mediate the internal external relationship. 

At a larger scale the success of ‘Divercity’ is embedded in the public program intertwined throughout the precinct. The proximity of White Bay to the city and greater Sydney in general reinforces the importance of a diverse city in beginning to grapple with the housing and health issues we are facing as a country. Through integrated design we can see how the environment we create is essential in realising a more sustainable built environment. 

‘Divercity’ seeks to be a vessel of change in re-interpreting Australia’s Housing stock. As countries are often defined by the cities they encompass, the success of our cities lay with the integration and relationships of our infrastructure, amenity, culture, sport and housing. ‘Divercity’ aims to assemble our housing needs along side the needs of the city and to re-instate White Bay as the Premier Waterfront Precinct for the Inner West.