Rachael Drayton



Architecture & High Performance Technology




A Makers Place

How can we activate and diversity Pyrmont, at a micro and macro scale?

The intent of the Makers Place is to bring together students, professionals and the community through an interest in the creative arts, at a micro and macro scale. 

The masterplan creates a new urban link through the heart of Pyrmont, connecting Pyrmont Bridge with the North West of the peninsular, tying together the city and the Bays Precinct.  Along this new avenue a series of art installations, activities, workshops and pockets of additional density are created, to attract and accommodate a wider variety of people to the area.

The project itself is sited at a major junction on this urban link on Harris Street, acting as a nodal point for the region. A chic industrial architecture hosts a multitude of programmes, including public exhibition spaces, co-work facilities, artists' studios and a school, to encourage creativity and collaboration between different demographic groups. Tying the architecture together is the "Creative Commons" a public link that runs through the heart of the site, strengthening the new urban artery. This semi-indoor / semi-outdoor space houses exhibitions and forms the circulation spine to the hybrid mat-building surrounding it, bounding together its various people and activities. By extending a pedestrian link straight through the site, not only will more people engage with the program of the Makers Place, but it will also enable the process of making, crafting and displaying art to activate Pyrmont’s pedestrian experience.

The primary building programme is a school, which promotes the inclusion of art and making within its curriculum through project-based learning and professional mentoring programs. The school, alongside the hybrid mix of programmes creates a vitality and intensity to the site, while the addition of a residential tower provides extra density.

A Makers Place is a space for crafting, presenting and learning from one and other; a 24-hour facility with a character and spirit that can be used to celebrate and activate Pyrmont.