Seng Poh Liong



Architecture & Urban Conditions




Food security is an emerging global issue that is defines as the physical and economical access to food to meet the dietary needs of the increasing population. The current model of providing adequate and nutritious food is hindered by the pluralistic food culture created by the convenience if fast food, severing the connection between consumers with food production. This ideological separation not only will cause malnutrition among the urban dwellers but also affecting the sustainable economic and environment development of the city.
The proposal seeks to re-imagine the 21st century urban fish market in the context of Sydney’s future food security through a focus on sustainable food agriculture, at the same time serving as a hub between producers and consumers. Through exploration of an estuary, the masterplan seeks to improve the connectivity between Wentworth Park and Blackwattle Bay through a chain of linear, communal activities including as public bath, aquaponic pockets and a market square. Located on the existing fish market site, the intervention possesses a sinuous linear form in response to the urban fabric, creating an estuary of activities along the foreshore. The idea this sinuous form serves as a transition element between the urban fabric of Prymount and blackwattle bay.

The Urban Estuary proposes a new model whereby sustainable food cultivation is celebrated throughout the building, providing accessibility to fresh and nutritious food. This hub serves as a platform to introduce and promote the knowledge of aquaponic food production within an urban setting.  Key functions include an aquaponic market, interactive workshop, wholesale market, retails, and demonstration kitchen as well as exhibition spaces framed around the fresh and nutritious food production. The proposal seeks to not only provide access to fresh nutritious food but also serves as an interactive public landmark that promote and practices sustainable food cultivation in Sydney.