Siyue Zhang



Architecture & Housing




'Encounter A Broadway Life'

Broadway: a large open or main road / the theater district

Sydney, as an ethnically and culturally diverse city, is attracting more and more migrants from all over the world as a desirable place to settle. However with sprawling urban areas, and a massive demand on affordable housing, housing density is required to increase dramatically. Living in high-rise stacked apartments, couples with high-speed city life and technology, has been shown to contribute to a sharp decrease in social interaction among residents. The result being a reduced quality of life and social isolation becoming one of ?the biggest threats to forming a harmonious city life in the era.

My project targets a solution that seeks a middle ground between high density apartment living and the traditional detached suburban home. Social housing which blends different types of families living in proximity together to encourage social engagement among residents. Thus, a new typology of suburban housing community is needed to match a new lifestyle.

The proposal of creating a Broadway life across the community introduces opportunities for neighbors and strangers to talk to each other. For instance, within communal gardening farms, residents share the responsibility of taking care of the vegetation as well as gardening facility and then to sell or exchange products at a flea market. Each dwelling has its own 'breathing garden', a buffer zone to keep in touch with nature and open to the sky. Besides, continuous enclosure merges the dynamic community life with tranquil personal life.

'Encounter a Broadway Life' refers to the hustle social activities within the community and the ¡®broadway¡¯ also representing another meaning ¨C all the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players.