Thanh Le



Architecture & Social Agency




'Colours for the soul'

A garden filled with colours that exists to replenish souls and bodies. Unless you are here, this garden refuses to exist.

I always believe that it is important to create architecture that truly cares for people and is especially inclusive for everyone. Even though it might seem a bit idealistic, but I believe it is fair and beneficial to try. 

I believe for St. Canice, the most important thing is to create resilience in three main aspects: financial resilience, social resilience and cultural resilience. It is important to establish a place to help the people in need, nourish them back to their best health condition, considering the mental problems that a lot of refugees and homeless people are facing. 

We may not forget about other stakeholders, the other aim for my project is to establish a new culture of learning and making, in artistic and crafting form, so people who are involved in this community can feel refreshed and have a new purpose/skill for their lives. This culture is also important to be the main architectural language for the whole St. Canice community.