Vivienne Hinschen



Architecture & Urban Conditions




The vision for “Floating Market Square” builds on the typology of the traditional bazaar and the understanding of the passageway, the meeting place and the relationship of the individual and their varying personal experiences. The intimate bodies of water between the wharves form an interactive threshold which continuously transforms throughout the day due to tidal changes and the type of activities taking place. The passageways were established from the distinct arches of Wentworth Park Bridge and extend across Blackwattle Bay, strengthening both the physical and visual connections to the harbour. Thus creating the foundations for the floating market squares. The architectural forms of both the Floating Markets and the new Sydney Fish Market are a combination of the traditional bazaar and pazars and also the typical wharf warehouses known to Sydney.

By incorporating permanent and temporary spaces surrounded by water squares the individual is encouraged to explore the interchangeable programs within the floating markets. The passageways and water squares will oscillate between periods of expansion and compression, allowing the individual to constantly shift between experiences of congestion and fluidity within the semi-public domain. These spaces would have the capacity for local grocers and produce, up and coming small businesses, cafes and bars as well as opportunities for large cultural events such as Chinese New Year, and New Years Eve.

The new Sydney Fish Market also is an iconic building that provides an enticing and interactive retail experience which focuses on promoting the relationship between producer and consumer. It is divided into four major precincts – The Auction and Retail Precincts, the Dining Precinct and the Seafood School. Each of the precincts are dictated by the concept of the urban meeting place, social gathering and water connection. The retail spaces depict a new understanding of how food transfers, changes and influences an intimate space within an intense public domain. Each of the retail spaces possess a distinct type of produce, distinguishable by material density and the intensity of aromas and colours. The Dining Precinct has a similar experiential approach achieved through the reflectivity of water and light. The new Sydney Fish Market aspires to create a different personal experiential encounter for each individual.