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The bicycle-friendly Community

This project is located in Pyrmont, Sydney. The south of the site is Anzac bridge and its under bridge area---the Blackwattle Bay waterfront park. The inner Sydney CBD and darling harbour is on the site’s north. The bicycle climbing ramp which is the only one connection and used for the cyclists and people to access to Anzac bridge is quite close to the site location. However, this connection ramp is too steep for the bicycle riders, especially when they are riding up to access to Anzac bridge. 

  • Is it possible to improve this situation for the cyclists and walkers?
  • Are there any opportunities to promote the friendly cycling development by during this improvement design?
  • What a community would look like if it were designed for cyclists?
  • What a Pyrmont would look like if it were friendly for cyclists and bicycles?

he popular ideas about the bicycle highway from European countries, the bicycle ramps in the Anzac bridge will be designed to extend and connect to Sydney CBD directly to improve the riding environment for the cyclists. The steep climbing ramp will be dismantled by this extension design. 

Moreover, in order to respond to related demand services from the dramatically increasing number of bicycles and cyclists. The idea of a complex functions of a bicycle centre is meaningful. Cyclists may easy to get these different services with their bikes. The bicycle culture office and company may encourage their employees to use the bikes as their first option for commuting and the good services would be supplied for the end of the trip (easy and enough space parking, change and shower room, etc). 

For the residential part, it may be a new bicycle culture community. Every dwellers at least own one bike. The bike is the first option for their commuting and recreations. Furthermore, in order to encourage and strengthen links between the dwellers and the their bikes, they would be encouraged to ride the bike home and park their bikes in front of their apartments in the front garden. The tower atrium with bicycle ramp would be the special and unique experience for the dwellers and cyclists.