Ying Tung Dodo Lau



Architecture & Social Agency




'Food and Dignity at St Canice'

Kings Cross is experiencing gentrification, yet has high numbers of homelessness.  My project aims at making the Parish a bridge between the residents and homeless people - a successful bridge of dignity which raises both respect from the community and self-respect of the homeless people, through food.

Food is our daily necessity and a good way to gather different people.  It can become the bridge between the two parties in Kings Cross. The design of the Community Food Centre follows the food cycle, from growth to cultivation, to selling and to eating. The food cycle starts with the growing of food in the community garden.  Then, it is harvested and sent for distribution to the market, where we get our food in a city.  The teaching kitchen would then be the place which people learn cooking.  After that, we eat the food in either the soup kitchen or restaurant.  However, it is not the end of the food cycle.  To complete the food cycle, food waste produced on site and from the residents around is collected and turned into compost.  The compost is then used in the food growing, and closes the cycle.

The Community Food Centre could be a place which teaches people the importance of healthy food and how much effort was put in to produce that.  Throughout the different activities held around this food cycle, both homeless people and residents could have an opportunity to gather round, both to be nourished, and also to build lasting bonds and community.