Yunjing Guan



Architecture & Social Agency




Kings Cross is on its way to gentrification. Gentrification could bring in order but could also potentially replace the current unique culture. The chaos of Kings Cross is neither reminiscent nor respectful. What people are nostalgic about of Kings Cross is its freedom - freedom that tolerates and respects differing ideologies. Freedom and independence are considered as two sides of a coin. Respect generates not only from external environment but also from internal self-cultivation. External interference can only be provided to a certain extent. Essentially, only the person herself is responsible for her own self.

This design seeks for the answer from an individual perspective. The contrasting nature of human is that it is social as well as individual. Staying connected with society or being known by someone is essential for one¡¯s self being, as the image of oneself is the reflection of the perceived image from others. At the same time, people tend to act differently to distinguish themselves from others in order to confirm their identity. The risk of being unique is that it might not be well perceived, as the means we use to express ourselves is always limited. 

There is always a part of ourselves that is left not understood by the others. Ultimately, we will have to find our own way to resist loneliness and be independent.

The architecture responds to this proposition in two juxtaposed ways: social and solitary. Although the social space creates opportunities for people to meet, it does not erase disparity. Self-satisfaction obtained from social life is very limited and temporary. The social space allows people to have relief from their eternal struggle with loneliness, and the architecture seeks to ease a measure of their fear and anxiety temporarily. Meanwhile, the solitary aspects try to address loneliness by catering to intellectual curiosity. However, the end result is a question rather than an answer: does the infinity of the world make one forget his minute loneliness, or make his loneliness more unbearable?