Yuzhuang Lin



Architecture & Housing




How can we encourage residents communicate face to face?

In this last two decades, since high density dwellings have dramatically increased, people’s living habits have been affected by technological development. People prefer to use mobile device to contact others rather than talk face to face. People prefer to stay at home for a long time and become reluctant to engage with the outside. The modern concept of community gradually becomes less effective. In my project, I will replay the significant role of community to encourage residents to re-gather together and provide more opportunities for them to communicate face to face.

There are different hierarchies of public space for residents. In the masterplan, urban public parks are arranged between the resident area, like a sandwich. The waterfront promenade provides the opportunity to connect with the city. The new ferry wharf will carry more people from the city to the site and White Bay Power Station.

In the typical suburban block, the car and pedestrian share the road and individual backyards are closed. In my project, I have opened the original closed courtyard and separated the route of the car and pedestrian. The path of the pedestrian, named 'public street' is organized in the middle of the block. Therefore, the car runs on the both side of block and the pedestrians are encouraged to walk in the middle. In order to avoid negative space, an alleyway, between two typical side-by-side house, I have designed the building with two types of semi-enclosed shared courtyards. This strategy helps residents to take responsibility and control easily. The last hierarchy is the private courtyard. Each house owns its own private courtyard. In addition, the shared garage also provides opportunities for residents to meet and chat. Moreover, retail stores and a cafe are arranged on both sides of the block to connect the other functions of the site.

It is time to abandon the typical block arrangement. A healthy and vibrant community should encourage human interaction.