Yvonne Kha



Architecture & Housing




Flexible and Adaptable Housing
“Is housing predetermined or can it respond to the changing lifestyles and lifecycles of its occupants?”

There is a mismatch between the available housing options and people’s preferences. We aren’t building what we want; council regulations, planning and zoning arrangements add to this problem. With the increasing property prices in the city’s centre, more and more people are forced to outer suburbs and home ownership is becoming more and more out of reach.

The proposed housing project aims to respond to community fluctuations and the notions of ownership and community through a flexible and adaptable housing strategy. The masterplan comprises of community spaces across the site with a focus of returning the waterfront to residents. The raised residential clusters provide privacy for the residents while allowing the public to filter past the main walkway and commercial space towards the waterfront. A modular design allows for a variation of typologies to cater for the increased diversity in the area.

“Opportunities for people to make their personal markings and identifications, in such a way that it can be appropriated and annexed by all as a place that truly ‘belongs’ to them.”

To optimize spaces within the dwellings, a grid system is implemented with fixed and flexible components identified. The flexible components allows for the dwelling to change as spaces required by its occupants change. This proposed housing strategy addresses the “Missing middle” housing through reinterpreting how dwellings can respond to community fluctuations.