Zhiyuan Sun



Architecture & Urban Conditions




Water is a limited resource and must be managed both for immediate needs and for long-term economic and environmental sustainability. With the effects of climate change, and increasing demands for water, sound policies are required to ensure a sustainable supply of water for present and future generations. When looking closely into the site, one of the most serious issues is the contaminated storm water which has been discharged to the bay directly, action can be taken to capture and recycle storm water onsite. 
This masterplan intends to reimagine the marketplace(building and surrounding landscape) as a water sensitive urban design(WSUD) through strategies of constructed wetland, rain garden and integration of architecture and landscape. Though the process of water purification, what has been created is a set of revolutionary green corridors.

The fish market is the heart of this proposal. It has been split into two building blocks to accommodate whole sale and auction hall. The space is activated by arranging seafood retail and restaurants along the edge. It is the roof canopy which acts as the rain collector and main structure that being the starting point of other design strategy. For instance, materials are carefully selected to differentiate structure and other building elements. Vertical shading is chosen to highlight the roof structure.  By arranging different function below the roof canopy, this building can be viewed as a series of small buildings that being contained in a large one. Together with the landscape, the whole design tries to illustrate how to adopt strategic and feasible approach following the storm water management indicators on the balanced green space, biological and hydraulic space integration.